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Why Omega Cure?   Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers
Dr. Bo Martinsen

replika Omega Seamaster aqua terra Having used various types of omega-3 oils in clinical and preventive medicine for many years and also knowing the inside of the Norwegian fish oil industry, we searched for the most cost efficient, safe, and user friendly product available among a large number of quality oils. Omega Cure is a new generation omega-3 fish oils. This oil is truly one of a kind because it combines 1. Better bio availability and body usage than other doctor recommended Omega-3 fish oils on the market.. Below you will find the most extensive independent study to date comparing different forms of fish oils. The report describes up to 50% variation in incorporation of EPA/DHA into brain cells. Click Here to Download the Report.

2. Lower price than other doctor recommended omega-3 fish oils. It is very difficult for most people to calculate the value of omega-3 products. Here is a sample based on cost of one gram of EPA/DHA content in a 30-120 capsule bottle.
This diagram is based on products that may only be available in the US with US pricing and only serves as an illustration.

In addition Omega Cure containes 8% other omega-3s, there is no gelatin, and better utilization in the body.

replika Omega Seamaster aqua terra 3. High degree of purification from pesticides and toxic metals exceeding international requirements. 4. Easier to swallow and to get an adequate dose Most people hate to swallow pills. At all ages drinkable liquids are preferred. If the taste is good the amount becomes irrelevant. Since the health benefits of fish oil are dose related and require more than most people would get with capsules, liquid becomes the ideal form of omega-3 presentation. Omega Cure proves our point. 5. Better taste and smell Most governments, health organization and physicians world-wide recommend fish oil supplementation. Omega -3 has only one enemy: a tradition of poor taste and smell making even ardent health fanatics stay away from this marvelous substance. We therefore knew that we had to overcome the palatability problem if consumers would want take the required 2 to 4 g of EPA/DHA every day. When you taste Omega Cure you will truly be astonished: "Is this really fish oil?" Yes, and you can even add it to ice cream or cakes (your children wouldn't notice). Omega Cure was manufactured in such a controlled environment that bad smell and taste never got a chance to develop. 6. Fresh and easy to assess quality Omega Cure does not need to conceal its quality in a capsule shell. Smell it, taste it, like you would do with any food product. You will not be disappointed.

replika Omega Seamaster planet ocean A fast growing list of physicians and healthcare professionals switching to Omega Cure, shows that we made the right choice.

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